I would highly recommend Satyananda yoga with Elena at 'Practice Yoga' for anyone wanting to relax, de-stress, become more flexible or strengthen core muscles. I have been attending weekly for over a year and it has become a key part of my overall health and well-being routine.

Elena is very professional, skilled and knowledgeable in yoga practice and has the perfect personality for teaching yoga. I always feel better after a class with Elena!

(Anita Murphy)


'I am a 69 years old insulin dependent diabetic with poor fitness levels and some mobility issues. I joined Elena's Yoga class on the recommendation of friends. I benefited enormously from the experience. Her structured, well-run classes are specially suited to older generation participants. I feel good, have improved mobility, well managed blood sugar control and better a quality of life'. (Joe Hayes)


'I joined Elena's practiceyoga class a year ago as a complete beginner, hoping to improve my flexibility. 

The classes are small, evenly paced and well coordinated. 

New moves are progressively introduced over the course of the term, are clearly explained and no-one is pushed beyond their individual capacity. Yet, progress happens. 

Elena is very supportive and encouraging and always ready to assist with any aspects of the practice

In particular, I enjoy the unrushed and strongly meditative approach taken by her in conducting the class. When combined with the physical poses, this approach brings the concept of 'Mindful, self-presence', into reality. 

This is a yoga class given by an experienced practitioner who sincerely and enthusiastically wants to share her knowledge and assist others to develop. 

I look forward to continuing my own Yoga journey in this class and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone, of any age, who wants to improve/maintain mobility, still the mind or simply decompress. 

And yes - my flexibility has improved!' (Rosemary Phillips) 


'I am really enjoying my time in Elena’s classes. She has a warm, gentle, kind way about her that makes you as the student feel comfortable and at ease. She is a great teacher whose instructions are clear and concise and also brings humor into the class when necessary.

I have really appreciated the pace of the class as I feel like you are able to delve deep into the practice.
I find the mediation piece to be particularly rewarding and I feel I have gained perspective and sense of calm that follows me through my week'
(Leah McEntee)

'Despite just having been away on a Caribbean cruise on holidays ... my mind is always active and bouncing around. I used to be good at meditation and calming my mind, but I am out of practice and I can't just do it.

Within minutes of entering the room for my first yoga class with Elena, I found my mind calm for the first time in ages. 

On a particular practice she encouraged us to 'push away everything we no longer need' and that trigger me to focus on some de-cluttering work that I normally hate despite believing in the disciplined pursuit of less. Now I have the energy and focus to do it.' (P.J.  The Alternative Board)