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* NEW * In Studio *
Yoga Class in 'Sandymount Community Centre

Saturday 9 - 10 a.m.
6 Week Programme €90

Dynamic Practice

A dynamic practice where we go a little bit deeper on certain sequences and get the heart going & the energy flowing. 

We work our strength & balance with awareness and a strong focus on breath work. 


* In Studio *
Yoga Class in 'Sandymount Community Centre'
Saturday 9 - 10 a.m.
6 Week Programme €90 

Gentle Practice 

We work with asanas and pranayama techniques that promote health, build strength and boost your healing process.

Ideal for those recovering from an injury or those who might be new to yoga or have been away from the mat for a while. 

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 Online Yoga

Join the ONLINE community, €50 euro monthly unlimited. Please see detail Schedule below.

IN-PERSON class on Thursdays and Saturdays from Sandymount Community Centre.
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Yoga for EVERY BODY! 

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Nurture your Body, Mind & Spirit

Come & Practice with Elena


There has never been a better or more important time for SELF-CARE.

I have teamed up with The Irish Times to create a Yoga Lab. The intention is to share short yoga practices that anyone can fit on their daily life. 

Irish Times Yoga Lab - Practice 1

Coming to the present: A short 15 min. practice done from standing to check with feet, hips, shoulders and get the whole spine moving: forward, backward, sideways & twisting. Read full article here

Irish Times Yoga Lab - Practice 2 

Release stress & boost vitality: This practices starts from sitting and stays close to the ground. You will still move the spine in all directions but we pay special attention to the heart centre. Aiming to release tension from the face, head and throat you will practice the roaring lion pose. Read full article here

Irish Times Yoga Lab - Practice 3

Chill out & slow down: This practices is done in supine position (lying on your back) and it encourages you to let go and slow down. Slow the breath and slow the movements. Read full article here

Irish Times Yoga Lab - Practice 4 

Switch off, relax & be at one with your breath: This is a deep relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra, suitable for beginners. Ideally you would lie on your back and cover yourself with a blanket or wear extra layers to make sure your body stays warm. Choose a place where you can stay quiet for about 15 min. Close the eyes and just follow the guidance. Read full article here


Benefits your overall health: physical, mental & emotional 

Improves Flexibility & Mobility 
Improves Balance & Posture
Increases Strength 
Reduces Risk of Injury 
Speeds Recovery
Improves Performance 
Improves Breathing 

Helps to Calm the Mind 
Reduces Stress & Anxiety 
Cultivates Awareness/Mindfulness
 Improves Memory
Enhances your Ability to Focus 
Improves Quality of Life 

Yoga is the best complimentary practice to all workouts
Yoga is the best Pre-habilitation tool 
Yoga is an excellent Re-habilitation tool 


The science of Yoga begins to work on the physical body first. 

Asanas are physical poses one performs in Yoga aiming to bring the bodily functions into balance so that the whole body works well and as nature intended. 

It is important to remember that in yoga we do asanas to get 'into the body' as opposed to getting the body into physical poses! 

These physical poses improve your flexibility, strength and balance. They also reduce stress and related ailments and can be of great benefit to alleviate specific conditions such as diabetes & asthma. 


Pranayama here refers to a number of techniques that allow us to to extend and control the breath (prana/life force).

Research shows that the breath rate has a direct relationship with heart rate. Often with pranayama techniques we aim to reduce the breath rate in order to alleviate stress, anxiety and bring an overall sense of calmness to the body and mind. Such tranquilizing & balancing  techniques include the Complete Breath (also known as yogic breath), Bhramari, Ujjayi, Viloma, Nadi Shodhana, etc. 

Other techniques are used instead to vitalize us and enhance the pranic system. These include techniques such as Bhastrika, Kapalbhati & Swana pranayama. 


All classes finish with a deep relaxation technique or a meditation practice. 

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method that teaches the practitioner to consciously & effortless relax physically, mentally & emotionally.

It is a way to empty the body & mind of all external impressions and turning the awareness inwards, allowing the whole body to relax, while still remaining alert & aware. 

It is often referred to as psychic sleep as one seems to be asleep during the practice, however the consciousness is still functioning at a deep level & the practitioner is alert, aware and able to follow the instructions of the teacher. 


1. Online

2. Sandymount Community Centre 


My name is Elena and I have created Practice Yoga. I want more people to practice yoga regularly. 

I am passionate about Yoga and the purpose of 'Practice Yoga' is to bring the ancient and traditional techniques of Yoga into everyday life, and encourage, motivate and guide more people to practice yoga daily.  I do this through yoga classes, individual programs and workshops, all in a public, private and corporate settings.

I also design bespoke, structured programs to cater for specific needs of the individual or group; let it be stress management, improving quality of sleep, enhancing sports performance, ageing well, etc.

I deliver a personalised service where I focus on helping people to get the best of their personal practice. 

Whether in a one-to-one, public, or dedicated workshop setting, I aim to provide a space where everyone finds a moment of peace, a space where you can slow down & connect with your body and your breath. Allowing you to discover what Yoga is to you, at this moment in time of your life journey. 

I have been practicing yoga for over 18 years. I am a qualified Yoga teacher trained in the Satyananda Yoga tradition with more than 500 hrs training at the Galway Yoga Centre. This Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (YTTC) is approved worldwide and recognized by the Yoga Federation of Ireland (YFI) and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). 

I am grateful to my teachers; whose dedication continues to inspire me.


I would highly recommend Satyananda yoga with Elena at 'Practice Yoga' for anyone wanting to relax, de-stress, become more flexible or strengthen core muscles. I have been attending weekly for over a year and it has become a key part of my overall health and well-being routine.

Elena is very professional, skilled and knowledgeable in yoga practice and has the perfect personality for teaching yoga. I always feel better after a class with Elena! 

(Anita Murphy)


'Despite just having been away on a Caribbean cruise on holidays ... my mind is always active and bouncing around. I used to be good at meditation and calming my mind, but I am out of practice and I can't just do it.

Within minutes of entering the room for my first yoga class with Elena, I found my mind calm for the first time in ages.

On a particular practice she encouraged us to 'push away everything we no longer need' and that trigger me to focus on some de-cluttering work that I normally hate despite believing in the disciplined pursuit of less. Now I have the energy and focus to do it.' 

(P.J.  The Alternative Board)


'I am a 69 years old insulin dependent diabetic with poor fitness levels and some mobility issues. I joined Elena's Yoga class on the recommendation of friends.  I benefited enormously from the experience. Her structured, well-run classes are specially suited to older generation participants. I feel good, have improved mobility, well managed blood sugar control and better a quality of life.'
(Joe Hayes)

'I am really enjoying my time in Elena’s classes. She has a warm, gentle, kind way about her that makes you as the student feel comfortable and at ease. She is a great teacher whose instructions are clear and concise and also brings humor into the class when necessary.

I have really appreciated the pace of the class as I feel like you are able to delve deep into the practice.
I find the mediation piece to be particularly rewarding and I feel I have gained perspective and sense of calm that follows me through my week'

(Leah McEntee)


'I joined Elena’s 'Practice Yoga' class a year ago as a complete beginner, hoping to improve my flexibility.

The classes are small, evenly paced and well-co-ordinated. New moves are progressively introduced over the course of the term, are clearly explained and no-one is pushed beyond their individual capacity. Yet, progress happens.

Elena is very supportive and encouraging and always ready to assist with any aspect of the practice. In particular, I enjoy the unrushed and strongly meditative approach taken by her in conducting the class. When combined with the physical poses, this approach brings the concept of ‘Mindful, self-presence”, into reality.

This is a Yoga class given by an experienced practitioner who sincerely and enthusiastically wants to share her knowledge and assist others to develop.

I look forward to continuing my own Yoga journey in this class and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone, of any age, who wants to improve/maintain mobility, still the mind or simply decompress.

And yes - my flexibility has improved!' (Rosemary Phillips)


Making Yoga a Lifestyle Practice